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Rally and Event Dates

Horsemens May Rally

 Members will find details on Facebook, Horsemens Pony Club Group (Events-May Rally), closer to the date.

Our Horsemens horses and ponies enjoy the warm covered stables at our Whiteman park venue in the colder months of the year.

All levels of riders enjoyed showing their pony's and horses the bright and varied jumps in preparation for our pony club festival and showjumping championships.  This year's state showjumping team also practiced some different types of rounds including 'take your own line' and 'top score'.
In pacework members learned about how to alter their horses speed to cover a set distance over a set time, this helped our riders understand the individual pace and speed of horses and ponies. Giving riders the opportunity to find the best pace for their mount to achieve the optimum time for jumping events.
We finished off the day with Cross country and games sessions, with horses and riders working on skills and members helping each other with tips and tricks.