Whatever your age or experience

4-24 and beyond!

We cater for ALL riders, whatever your level …

We pride ourselves on having the breadth of experienced coaches to help you whether you are new to riding or have ridden extensively, whether you (or your child) requires to start with “lead-line”, or if you are ready to take your competitive event riding to a higher level of confidence and expertise.

As well as catering for junior riders, we are proud to offer our “Associate member” level for hose riders over 25.

It does not matter whether you are riding for simply the joy of riding or whether are serious enough to want to compete at the highest level, we commit to doing what it will take to make whatever you want out of YOUR pony club experience really happens.

Whatever your experience…
Horsemen’s Pony Club, Perth has the ability to make sure that you get whatever you need.


What this means to you as an HPC member…


Our mission is to provide a fabulous pony club experience irrespective of age, gender or previous experience. 

For our new and youngest riders, you will receive maximum supervision as you slowly develop the confidence with the wonderful creature you are sitting on to move from lead-lining to riding independently.
It is essential that these early stages are managed at YOUR pace as this early stage is crucial in helping you as you move forward.


With those who are a little older and with some experience, we make sure that all of the basics are covered as well as giving you the new skills, knowledge and confidence to progress as a rider.
Our mission at this level, if it is what you are aiming to do, is to ultimately help you to get to a place where you begin to feel comfortable about participating in events.


For those already competing (or about to), we know this is an exciting time for you and we want to make sure you are the best you can be.
Our support will help you understand fully the ways to optimise your riding performance, the relationship with your horse, the psychological aspects of riding in a competition environment as well as that fine tuning that will take you to the next level, are all part of what working with us will do for you.

Completely NEW to riding with us?

Here are seven things you can expect from Horsemen’s Pony Club, Perth when you first join us

  • A friendly welcome and a passion for riding from all of our team
  • A clear explanation of where things are and what will happen at your pony club events
  • Reassurance that everyone, no matter who they are, where all at the same stage that you are now and the only thing that really matters is that you grow in confidence and skill from where you are now.
  • The opportunity to connect with your coaches to make sure you are feeling comfortable.
  • An assessment of you, your horse, and your equipment to make sure all is good as you begin to ride with us
    MAXIMUM encouragement and support AT ALL times.
  • AND of course learning, learning, learning to start to build some confidence in what you are doing


Connect with us if you have more questions about our riding levels