Excellence in facilities

For a complete riding experience

Great facilities to maximise your learning and enjoyment…


Set in the beautiful surrounds of the Swan Valley, we have everything you need in place to make sure your riding experience is fantastic.

Our current location in Whiteman park where we have been for the last 30 years boasts four fully fenced arenas, lighting, new show jumping facilities, and an upgraded cross country course with E, D, C and B grade jumps as well as five A grade (with others planned).
Additionally, we have coaching areas, stable facilities and a canteen on site for riders and “supporters”.

Learn more about our facilities below including:

  •  The arenas
  • The Cross-country course
  • For your horse…
  • ..And for riders


What this means to you as an HPC member…


Our arenas… All of our arenas have been created and are maintained to the highest level to make sure your riding experience is a great one. With the full range of skills activities as well as the full range of jumps that we use according to experience and confidence of your class.
Our extensive area space with having four areas means that we can accommodate all, and meet individual needs as well as the overall needs of the club in competitions.

Our Cross-country course…, Our exceptional cross country course is one that has continually developed over the last two decades to provide a high grade learning and competition environment for eventing. All of our members including the youngest under supervision have the chance to take advantage of this fabulous facility.

For your horses… We have all of the things in place to make sure your horse is looked after during club sessions and events.
There are exceptional car and float parking areas for you and your horse and for those who wish to take advantage of our stable facilities these are available also. Of course in all areas there are areas to wash and feed your horse to ensure they have a comfortable day with us too.

And for riders and supporters...As well as our clubhouse area where you can enjoy the company of your fellow riders, there is a canteen which is open throughout all events.
As well as drinks and snacks you have the opportunity to order from our range of meals to keep you, your supporters and family members energised and feeling good throughout the day

And YES! you can hire our facilities!


We do offer the opportunity for other groups to hire our facilities but obviously need to make sure it is the right groups, who will treat our club facilities with exactly the same amount of respect and due care that we do.

Applications for use of the facilities can be made using the following from which can be downloaded and sent to us for consideration.

Applications may be considered from:
a. Formal clubs and associations
b. Individuals with an insured HPC coach

Just complete a contact form on the contact us page (CLICK HERE) with some details and we will get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.